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Summer Brass Fellowship Program

For the SBI Fellowships, ten brass musicians will be selected by audition to attend SBI without charge for tuition, room and board; learn from top professionals, and perform alongside Festival artists. Four trumpeters, two hornists, two trombonists and two tuben or bass trombonists will be selected. These musicians will comprise two quintets, being coached toward performance by faculty artists, and they will also perform in a large ensemble together. Follow the guidelines below to apply.

Fellowship and Scholarship applicants should follow the guidelines below, yet be aware that SCHOLARSHIPS are different from Fellowships: while a scholarship applicant must submit the recordings described below, they must also include a letter (to be kept confidential) explaining their need for aid. Scholarship awards may partially defray costs, while Fellowships cover all tuition, room and board costs exclusive of lessons. Also, Scholarship recipients will not necessarily perform with Fellowship participants; scholarship aid is determined by a combined assessment of need and ability, while Fellowship participants are selected by ability only. Master class participation is free of charge to all.

Guidelines for 2015:

• apply to SBI using standard application form online here

• after your reference has sent their recommendation to us (this should include a strong message from your recommender that you are at Fellowship level, or worthy of Scholarship aid), send unedited mp3s attached to email, or link Vicky Greenbaum at vgreenbaum@menloschool.org to your Dropbox, with repertoire as specified below, to impress us with your musical potential and technical skill. Unaccompanied playing only, please; no orchestral recordings or piano accompaniment. These works, below, are required:

Trumpet: 2 movements from Haydn OR Hummel concerto; plus

• Ballerina's Dance from Stravinsky Petrouchka, Mahler 5 opening, mvt 2 solo from Respighi Pines of Rome

Horn: 2 movements from a concerto by Strauss or Mozart; plus

Ein Heldenleben call, Short Call from Wagner Siegfried, Brahms 3 lyric motif

Trombone: 1 movement from a CONCERTO of your choice; plus
·  Berlioz’s Hungarian March, 2nd trombone parts (from 6 measures before rehearsal 4 through the 2nd measure of rehearsal 5)
·  Ravel’s Bolero, 1st trombone solo (3rd measure of rehearsal 10 to rehearsal 11)
·  Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries (major only)

Bass Trombone: 1 movement from a CONCERTO of your choice; plus

• Berlioz’s Hungarian March standard excerpt
• Haydn Creation #26 Chor und terzett (beginning to ¾)
• Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries (2nd major section only)


Tuba: 1 movement from a CONCERTO of your choice; plus standard Wagner Meistersinger excerpt, Hungarian March excerpt, and Bartok Concerto for Orchestra mvt 2 excerpt

Send in an email zipfile (with each work in its own mp3 file) to vicky.greenbaum@menloschool.org or invite to your Dropbox Vicky Greenbaum; note well, that if your recording is edited or stops are detected within a movement or excerpt, it will be rejected and if your submission is determined to have been plagiarized (played by someone other than yourself) your teacher will be contacted and you will be refused admission to SBI.

• deadline for submission: all materials MUST ARRIVE in my hands by 12 noon PST on April 10 (NOTE CHANGE OF DATE).

• decisions will be made by April 30 and you will be notified of your status as Fellowship recipient, wait-list applicant, or declined applicant

• to accept your Fellowship or Scholarship, you must send $100 deposit immediately upon receipt of notification from us, check made out to Menlo Summer Brass Institute, mailed to Vicky Greenbaum, Director, Summer Music Institutes, 50 Valparaiso Ave. Atherton CA 94027.

• email questions to vgreenbaum@menloschool.org